Locally Owned and Operated

Our goal at Homecare West is to help you live at home. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique. We are able to provide the best possible care for your individual needs. We offer a wide variety of home care services ranging from Home Care Assistants to Live-in Care.

We provide complete wellness programs that enable Homecare West clients to not just stay at home, but to thrive.

We understand the importance of activity and socialization associated with wellness and as a result we have designed senior’s active aging programs to support our clients in the community and at home.

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Meet our Home Care Assistants

All of our Home Care Assistants have completed a certified training program specially designed to work with seniors and share our core values of encouraging independence, preserving dignity and creating well being.

We combine integrity and an understanding of what home care is about, ensuring excellent service to you. This special group shares common goals and a commitment to our clients that is matched by none. We realize that each client has individual needs for service and our approach is always with a health and wellness focus supporting active living.

Our Home Care Assistants receive ongoing and specialized training such as fitness and functionality, falls prevention and balance, and dementia care. Click here to see the list of requirements for our Home Care Assistants.


  • “The staff went above and beyond”

    Rachel and her staff from Homecare West were wonderful with my parents.  Always courteous, caring and professional, the staff from Homecare West made a great difference in both of my parents health and well-being. The staff went above and beyond in their work. Even when we needed to change the care schedule on short notice, Rachel and her staff were most accommodating. Barbara and I highly recommend Homecare West.

    Chris and Barbara

  • “He feels extremely safe”

    We absolutely LOVE Emelee, as do the staff and other residents at Point Grey. I find the elderly residents get a little jealous of the attention my father gets, but we remind them that Emelee does not work there. She is constantly observing my Dad, and understands his little nuances. He feels extremely safe with her; and we have absolute peace of mind that he is well looked after. I love that they sing together; and that she takes him outside for fresh air. I have become very aware of the needs and issues of the elderly over the past several years (adding to the compassion I have always had for older people). In addition to health care/support, the key to a happy remainder of one’s life is social interaction and the feeling that you are still loved and needed. Emelee makes him feel that way. I would also commend your other team members (past and present) for their excellent work with my Dad – specifically, Aberash, Grace and Marsel.


  • “We will certainly recommend Homecare West”

    Thank you!

    First of all, let me thank you and Homecare West for all your service for our service for our mother, over the past four years. Very much appreciated.

    We will certainly recommend Homecare West to any friends of ours who are looking for those services.

    Thanks again


  • “You are the best care girls in the world”

    Re: My Aunt

    You are the best care girls in the world. You were such a wonderful support for Marion to have in her home for the last 2.5 years. You were kind, caring, and attentive. You made the last few years of Marion's life manageable and easy. She would have hated a nursing home...noise, confusion, sterile. You made it so possible for her to remain in the only home that she ever had. Her neighbours and community were so special to her. She was a very lucky person. I so enjoyed coming and staying with you in my grandparent's home. I got to know you both and appreciated all that you did for her (and me too!).

    Marion was soon special to me (as you know). I loved her dearly.

    You both deserve a holiday for your fine, fine work.

    Am so glad to know you both and when I'm in Vancouver the next time, I hope to meet you and give you both a big hug.


  • “I have recommended Homecare West to my Case Manager and to my friends”

    Dear Rachel,

    As directed in your Patient Information, I am writing to commend the staff and homecare workers of Homecare West. I called on a weekend (Saturday, April 2nd) and was given such a warm welcome by Monica. Not only was she helpful but very capable in setting up services for me commencing the following Monday, April 4th.

    Ashley was my Care Aide for 2 weeks (April 4-8, 11-15) while I was convalescing from a debilitating post surgery hospital stay. Ashley was very punctual, capable, quick to learn my routine and not afraid to ask questions. She very quickly was able to remind me of things I had forgotten and proved to be an all round excellent caregiver. She is a great ambassador for Homecare West.

    Simi was my Care Aide on the weekend of April 9, 10. Simi was very punctual, capable, and caring. She, too, asked questions and learned my quirks to give me the best of care. She is a delightful personality who is also a great ambassador of Homecare West.

    The difference between the excellent care of Homecare West and St. Elizabeth (who were incapable of fulfilling their mandate) was huge. I have recommended Homecare West to my Case Manager and to my friends and will continue to do so.

    Thank you for your excellent service.

    Seamus M.

  • “Please convey my appreciation to all of your Home Care Assistants”

    Dear Tammy,

    I called tonight to obtain your email address because I want to express my appreciation for the tremendous support and dedicated assistance I have seen from the Homecare West staff providing care to my Mother.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to meet them all but I wanted to comment specifically about three of them.

    I was very grateful when I heard Benita's patient and encouraging tone of voice and manner with my Mother. I know that Benita cut my Mother's fingernails, identified expired items in her fridge, organized items in her bathroom cupboard, assisted with my Mother's ongoing pain and accompanied my Mother to obtain an x-ray, in addition to her other daily duties.

    Benita has shown that she is committed to providing the highest level of individualized customer care.

    Caring for seniors is a labor of love that requires a special person with just the right touch. I am thankful Benita is helping my Mother and I greatly appreciate her caring attitude and compassion she always provides to my Mother.

    This note is to express my appreciation for one of your Home Care aides, Sofia. Sofia has been a friendly and positive influence on my Mother. I know I can trust Sofia and appreciate the strong relationship she has established and maintains with my Mother, as well as our family. Her ongoing patience and assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Last night I went to get a new prescription for my Mother and when I returned Rhodora was very thorough re: the instructions and checked and confirmed all the information for the different medications and time requirements. It was wonderful to know I was leaving my Mother with a home care assistant I could trust, with a caring approach and a strong attention to detail to the important issues with for my Mother.

    Please convey my appreciation to all of your Home Care Assistants.


    Donna Barker