We provide all of our clients with a care & wellness
plan that best helps them stay at home.

Our Difference

Community Connection and Staying Active

    • Homecare West stands out in the community as a home care agency that helps seniors stay healthy by regular exercise and eating well.
    • No two people are the same; therefore, no two home care solutions should be the same either. Our highly trained team of healthcare professionals custom fit our services to meet your specific needs. Some clients may only require a couple of hours of companionship a week while others may need full time live-in care givers.
    • Our unique shared time program allows for flexible and economic home care options.
    • Our staff receive ongoing, specialized training including dementia care, seniors fitness & functionality and even social media assistance.
    • Homecare West can achieve the perfect balance to help you acquire the best solution possible for your situation. We strive to provide all of our clients with care that best helps them feel at home.


    • Knowing our clients come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, Homecare West tries to meet the specific needs of each group.
    • Providing services in the client’s preferred language is our goal. An excellent command of the English language is a responsibility and a commitment to enhance communication with our clients.
    • To help us meet your expectations we hire a diverse group of home care providers with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Homecare West also does our homework to improve our cultural knowledge so that we can have an understanding of your personal likes and dislikes and take initiative.
    • Cooking, meal preparation and eating are a main part of every culture. We recognize this as not only the correct fuel for our body but also for our mind. A meal can be a traditional event or a quiet cup of tea. We want to make it the way you want it
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