We provide all of our clients with a care & wellness
plan that best helps them stay at home.

Frequently Asked Question

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Can I call you on the weekend or in the evening?
› Absolutely; we are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What are the minimum hours?
› 2 hours minimum with shared care option available.

Do I have to sign a contract?
› No; Homecare West does not require a contract. Our clients may begin and end services as they require them.

What is respite?
› Time away for the regular care giver to rest so as not to get sick themselves and a competent health care assistant to relieve for the care giver.

Can you help my mother who is not taking her pills?
› Yes, we can. Our home care assistants provide medication management with the continued support of our registered nurses.

Will I have the same assistant each time?
› Homecare West strives for continuity and consistency because we understand how important this is to you.

Does Homecare West provide the same care aide each time?
› We understand the importance of continuity to our clients; therefore, we work hard to provide a health care assistant that is well matched and able to provide consistent care enabling the development of trusting relationships.


I can take care of my husband most of the time, but I would like to go out to see friends once in awhile and I want to make sure he is ok, so I won’t fret. Is there a minimum number of hours required?
› Homecare West can provide as little as 2 hours of service and as much as 24 hours. All of our service plans are based on our clients’ needs.

In our wedding vows, we said we would be together in sickness. Now, I can’t take care of my wife and I don’t want to take her to live in a nursing home. What can I do?
› Yes, it can be a struggle. You also must take care of yourself so you don’t get sick. Please give us a call at 604 924 5455 and we can help you to plan a strategy and connect you with other services in your community.


Mum doesn’t want to spend any money, but we want her to live more comfortably and I can’t take time off work every day to help her get ready in the morning. What would be the cost of a Home Care Assistant?
› The rate of a Home Care Assistant varies depending on her needs. We would be very happy to give you an exact rate based on a few simple questions you can answer over the phone. For example, if your mother requires assistance in the morning with care, dressing, medication assistance, breakfast preparation and a quick tidy up this may cost about $50.0 dollars a day.

I’m dreaming of spending some quality time with my mother instead of cleaning her place on the weekend.  HELP!
› Homecare West can give you a little respite from your routine. Let us do the clean up while you enjoy a lovely lunch out or we can prepare a special lunch in her home or yours, just for the two of you.


I don’t think we need a qualified nurse. Mom just needs a little help with some housekeeping and help with a bath. Do you do that?
› Yes we do. You are quite correct you don’t need a nurse for that type of assistance. A Home Care Assistant would be perfect. She can assist with housekeeping, a bath and help with other things too.

Friends, Family and Neighbours

My good friend really is struggling to keep her place clean and she is very proud not to ask for help. Her children live far away. Can I arrange and pay for her to get some help with cleaning and make sure she is taking her medication?
›Absolutely, we can set up a plan together and have the billing directed to you.

Can you help my uncle who seems a bit lonely now that my aunt died recently?
› Yes, we would start by finding out his interests and activities, then find someone who would be a good match.








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