Companionship & Fun Activities

Re-engagement into the community with a trained companion to help navigate, simple crafts, walks & talks, reminiscing & remembering with photos and memory prompting.

Mobility & Balance practice

Following a physio prescribed program, simple sit-to-stand practice, reviewing equipment and obstacles in the home, walks in and outdoors.

Memory & Cognition Stimulation

Talking about current affairs, puzzles and board games, playing with technology, one-to-one stimulation with a qualified Home Care Assistant.

Medication Reminders

Ensuring medications are taken and at the correct time.

Bathing and Dressing

Assistance in setting up for a calm, comfortable and safe bath or shower, help with choosing appropriate clothing for weather and assist with the process of buttoning and zipping.

Nutritional guidance

Help to plan and prepare meals that are simple to eat & healthy, choices made with the inclusion of client’s preferences and likes.

Creating a calm soothing environment

Identifying stimulus that can be changed or removed, adding calming effects such as music, slowing down the pace of the day by creating routines for things such as bathing, meal times and rest.

We Are Sick Of Covid Too!

This is how we are keeping our clients and home care assistants safe.

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