How we care for

Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

It is often said the more support the person you’re caring for gets from professionals, the more you will be able to sustain your role as a source of support for that person.

It’s important to know about the different people who can help the person you care for.

homecare west

At Homecare West we understand that hiring professional home care assistance is a hard decision to make therefore, we want you to feel confident with who you choose.

Our Home Care Assistants have the training to understand how Parkinson’s Disease affects not only the client but the entire family and their home.

Because Parkinson’s disease symptoms can be unpredictable and change from day to day, we develop a care plan that is flexible and tasks can be adjusted with the flow of the day. 

If a bath or shower is planned but balance and stiffness are apparent then we switch the personal care plan to a sit-down sponge bath.

Some people find that Parkinsonian symptoms are worse in the morning so, trading a morning walk outside to seated gentle body movements would be a great alternate plan.

We remind family care-givers to establish a net-work, make time for fun and not neglect themselves.   Homecare West’s professional Home Care Assistants can provide the respite care that’s necessary for family care-givers to take breaks from medical appointments, home chores, meal preparation and much more.

We Are Sick Of Covid Too!

This is how we are keeping our clients and home care assistants safe.

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