A Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

Can’t think of too much new to tell you since we talk every day.

This year for Mother’s Day we will all be together at Auntie’s. It was supposed to be a luncheon with all of us bringing a dish; I was bringing spinach salad (your secret recipe from the 1977, Vancouver Sun food section) but as you know with our family, things change. I am so glad you raised us all to roll with the punches.

I won’t go into details, but after several edits to the agenda…..I was put in charge. I sure wish you were here to take over. Our family is nuts.

Now, although we are still gathering at Auntie’s, it’s KFC and golf. Oh I forgot to tell you, Auntie took up golf again. She’s 76 years old and when she swings her lefty club everyone needs to watch out!

All of your Grandkids will be there, except Meg of course because she is in Toronto, still slugging away at her PHD. She clearly got her brains from you. Not to mention her amazing spirit. They all have that. Your gift to them, among many.

The only piece that will be missing from a perfect Mother’s Day Mom, is you.

Talk to you soon. Love, Tam

PS…Happy Mother’s Day

Lillian Marie, December 16th 1938 – January 11th 2001