HomeCare West celebrated its 10th year Anniversary

Sunshine around us …

HomeCare West celebrated its 10th year Anniversary on the Magic Charm Yacht with our clients, their families, our staff and friends of HomeCare West.

Such a treat!

It was so much fun organizing the event.

There were guest lists to prepare, invitations to write, menus to decide and boarding times to coordinate.

We were delighted when the RSVPS ‘started to come in.

Finally the day arrived. The weather was perfect; it looks like we have a special connection “above”…

We had two boarding locations, one in Coal Harbour and the other at St. Rock Dock in North Vancouver.  Some clients arrived early, making sure they didn’t miss the boat.

There were warm hugs and smiles surrounding us the moment boarding began.

It was so special connecting with our HomeCare West Family.

Our staff forgot they were also our guests, as they busied themselves assisting our clients with drinks and making sure they were comfortable and having fun.

The catering service was excellent, and the food delicious. Everyone enjoyed the appetizers and drinks while we cruised the scenic waters of Vancouver; passing under the Lion’s Gate Bridge and heading towards Ambleside, the sea was calm and the sky was blue.

Tammy, the Director of the Company had a “short and sweet” speech, which brought tears to the eyes of our guest’s. She talked about the beginnings of HomeCare West, 10 years ago and remembering the loyal, original staff who worked hard alongside her, making the company what it is today.

Finally the cake was cut and served; it was delicious.

One of our clients commented,” this is the best day I have ever had”. Makes us think we are going in the right direction.

This event was not just about business it was about caring, respect and showing our appreciation to all that attended.

Thank you for sharing our day.