Musical Mornings Presents Marina Hasselberg

Musical Mornings at The Gordon Smith Gallery presents: Marina Hasselberg.

Marina Hasselberg featured works for solo cello by Johann Sabastian Bach and Mark Haney.

This morning’s program also included two world premieres by Jordan Nobles and Ben Wylie.

Marina played to the pleasure of her audience and herself, appearing to enjoy every moment with us. Her music was a little unusual and it took a bit of time before we began to relax, smile and breath it all in.

At the end of the concert she was happy to answer questions and share her joy with the attendees.
Please join us for the final concert of the season on April 19th, as HomeCare West proudly sponsors a Musical Morning concert with The Orchid Ensemble.

“Each morning begins with coffee, tea, treats and mingling with friends and neighbours, followed by a tour of the current exhibition in the Gordon Smith Gallery, hosted by the exhibition’s curator and transitions into a beautiful live classical music performance in the gallery.”

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