Tammy’s Blog: Seniors Flash Mob 2013

On a beautiful summer evening Friday July 19th a group of over two hundred seniors took centre stage in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver to strut their stuff.

The crowded street concert was full of people young and old, enjoying the evening sun and the music of the Adam Woodall Band.

As seniors began to arrive and gather in their groups you could feel the excitement stirring. The secret would finally be out. No more whispering about rehearsal times and days, no more having to avoid the questions of our friends and family wanting to know exactly what we were up to.

We had been practicing hard for months to get our moves just right. When we first started our rehearsals we were a group of strangers with a couple of things in common; seniors with a desire to be active and to do something we have never done before.

We learned the choreographed steps, when to throw our heads back at the exact time the word fever was sung. We made mistakes, used our right foot instead of our left, we laughed a lot and made some true friendships with people we may have otherwise never met.

At 7:45 the song” Fever” blasted out and we knew that was our queue to move into position.

We edged our way onto the concrete dance floor and showed what we were made of. This enthusiastic group of seniors heated up the atmosphere and inspired the younger audience to join in. Slowly the wave took on more energy and the age gap melted away; young and old dancing together. They became one ageless group and the “fever” grew.

The sunset was delayed, taken over by the smiles.

I am so proud of the group that called me the Leader. They may have followed my instruction for the steps but they lead me into the beautiful world of seniors living and loving life.

The North Shore Outlook covered the the event. You can read more about it here.

And we were featured in the North Shore News:

If you missed us Mobsters on July 19th you have another chance to see us dance on September 26 at 4:45, location Shipbuilder’s Square, Lower Lonsdale during North Shore Culture Days.