The Greatest Place on Earth!

No, not Disney Land, my Wednesday chair exercise class.

If you want to go where everybody knows your name, feel warm and welcome the moment you walk in the door and, you want to get your body moving in a good way then drop in to our class.

You won’t feel embarrassed if you are using your left foot instead of your right or that you need to sit down during the cardio part because you feel tired. No one judges, no one makes you feel uncomfortable. These people in my class are some of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure to know.

In the past almost two years I have witnessed new friendships, old friendships renewed, mother in-laws with their daughter in-laws sharing the class, and the beauty of kindled romance.

We laugh a lot and sing and dance and share stories as we work on our core strength and balance.

They think my math skills are a little off when I say 5 more chair sit ups and it’s more like 10 but that’s ok.

We strut our stuff to Aretha Franklin, cool down to John Lennons’ Imagine and work our biceps to a Baboon singing Bare Necessities. It’s not your regular kind of class, and their not your regular kind of participants. They help each other by pulling another chair over if they see someone needing the extra support for our balance work, they encourage one another, complement each other and did I mention the hugs you get before and after class?

This group of people ranging in age from 55 to 85+ are not only full of vim and vigor, they are full of compassion, kindness and love and I think I am the luckiest girl on earth to spend my Wednesday afternoons with them.

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