While the cats away….the mice Belly Dance?

Last week I was fortunate to spend three days attending the International Council on Active Aging Conference.

During my absence instead of the usual cardio, stretching and wall planks that I instruct to Seniors on Wednesday afternoons my replacement Leona “the Belly Dancing” dancer/instructor The Magnificent, held court. This is not the first time she has replaced me and at the request of my class they wanted an encore from Leona.

The term “belly dance” is a translation of the French term “danse du ventre”. Belly dancing works on correcting posture and maintaining muscle control and can help to build a healthy and efficient posture.

Ok….enough of the technical stuff. The veils came out and the excitement began. No limits, no boundaries, it was mystical and enchanting Persian pinks and chartreuse veils were chosen, crimson, cyan, deep blues, and corals; a sea of colors flowed from the hands of the wise, stepping into a new and exotic world. Hips swayed to a magical music that swept the room.

Caught up in the waves were ageless bodies, shaking, shimmying and vibrating to a new rhythm that held no boundaries, no aches, and no pains. You could feel the dance and hear the laughter as it floated through timelessness.

Seniors who shake, shimmy and vibrate their way to better balance, core strengthening and better posture…my oh my Seniors have changed.