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Helping Someone With Alzheimer's

Our Home-care Assistants are always looking for ways to alleviate stress for their clients living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, here are a few tips they shared.

  • Try not to change the environment unless it is unsafe
  • Keep routines and schedules consistent
  • Respond to feelings, acknowledge their concern
  • Are they wearing their glasses/hearing aids?
  • Is the lighting good?
  • Offer reassurance
  • Is the environment quiet & calm or noisy and busy, sometimes simply turning off the tv changes the mood?
  • Poor nutrition and dehydration can play havoc on their wellbeing, remember to offer snacks and fluids regularly
  • Always use gentle body language and a kind voice
  • Don’t rush, take your time

Home Care Services

We offer a variety of senior home care services to help people at home in safety and comfort.

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