Old Barns and Old People

My Auntie sent this video to me last week from her ipad.

If you knew my Aunt sending the video was a feat in itself. Although she is 75 years young navigating herself through the internet and the challenges of emailing has added grey hair to her self-dyed auburn head. But she is a trooper, her determined; never give up attitude has brought her into our technical world of long distance communication with the press of a send button.

She continues to argue with her new friend the ipad. It’s not her it’s the ipad.

She maintains she did the same thing last time and it worked and she couldn’t possibly have pressed delete, and could you please send me your email address again because it has disappeared from my address book,  but most of the time her and ipad get along pretty good.

I admire her for trying and adore her because she is teaching me the grace of aging in so many ways.

I hope you enjoy watching it.

Tammy ~ Auntie’s niece