Getting Started With Home Care

Homecare West provides affordable Home Care for Seniors in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and North & West Vancouver. We have a qualified staff member ready to answer your call 24/7!

Senior home care services

Getting Started With

Our Home Care Services

Whether you choose to set up services over the phone or wish to begin by booking a complimentary home visit with our Nursing Coordinator is up to you. 


If you are a family member inquiring on behalf of a loved one you may want to meet with the Nursing Coordinator with or without your loved one present.


Prior to the start of services we gather information and with your help, put together a plan.

Gathering Information


  • Unique Routines 
  • Service Days & Times
  • Equipment
  • Typical Day
  • Pets
  • Care-giver Preferences
  • Food Likes & Dislikes
  • Housekeeping Duties
  • Medication Schedule

You may talk about past routines that you want to continue, such as listening to classical music while eating dinner, always having a glass of water with a straw at your bedside at night, or the importance of medication timing. It’s the big and small things that help us support you better. We want to help you to live your best life.

Setting Up Services

After your visit or phone call start-up your home care assistance team work on your ideal schedule. Once the schedule is in place, your special caregiver(s) will begin their visits. This process could be completed before or within a week.

Questions you might like to ask us:

Do I have the same Health Care assistant each visit?
How do I make changes to my schedule?

This process is very easy. You can call the Homecare West office anytime, we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to confirm your care schedule, or make schedule adjustments.

Our In-Home Care Scheduling Options

Hourly Care

Many elderly individuals only require minimal assistance when it comes to their everyday tasks. Chores like light housekeeping and cooking meals can easily soak energy from some seniors. We play a key role in helping preserve that energy so you can use it on your choice hobbies and social activities. With a flexible and customizable plan, we can be there when you need us the most.

Live-In Care

Live-In Care is the perfect service for those in need of around the clock care and need help with most day-to-day tasks. Our caregivers need to have their own bedroom & bath to optimize privacy for our clients. We believe in giving our clients the space they need to maintain maximum independence while ensuring support and safety are readily at hand.

Overnight Care

Many seniors struggle with different kinds of pain which can make nights uncomfortable and can some times feel impossible. We want to be there for you during this time of need. Sleep loss and fatigue plays a vital role when it comes to your motor skills and cognitive abilities.  The long-term effects of sleep loss can be devastating. If you are a victim of sleep loss due to pain, stress or any other reason overnight care or even a short night time check in could be the answer to your night time problems. 


To keep things easy, you are billed once per month. We can send your invoice by mail or email to your accountant, daughter or son, and send a copy to you, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we can arrange a current client chat.

No, our services are on a as needed basis.

Absolutely, we want to make sure that the client and care-giver are a good fit.

We have a three-four hour minimum per visit however we can provide cluster care when possible.

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