Benefits for Senior gardeners

Senior gardeners

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece – Claude Monet

Benefits for Senior gardeners

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation; how can gardening help?

Gardening impacts our mood in positive ways by bringing activity, nature, sunlight, and beauty together in concert.

Studies show gardeners experience a significant decline in the stress hormone, cortisol resulting in restoring a positive mood and outlook on life.

The creation of a garden, big or small engages the right side of our brain associated with creativity, intuition, and spirituality.

Choosing what we want to plant, deciding on colors, shapes, and sizes of plants and where to place them, full sun, partial shade or, close to our favorite chair are ways of utilizing our creative brain.  We use our hands to move the soil to plant our seedlings and to nurture them to adulthood.  We breathe the clean air they help produce and in the case of some plants, herbs, and flowers their aromatic elements stimulate our senses including our taste buds.

Gardening for seniors is a wonderful way to decrease stress and discover peacefulness in a space of your own design.

Happy gardening