Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide 24-hour care?

We do provide live-in support or 24-hour care.

Is a live phone contact person available 24/7?


Do you drive your clients?

No, we can assess their nursing skills but we cannot assess their driving skills. We happily accompany our clients with public transit, handy dart or taxi. Our primary concern and focus is on our clients wellbeing not focusing on traffic and navigation.

Can you give injections?

It is not in our Health Care Aide’s scope of practice to provide injections but there are many resources in our community we can share with you such as local pharmacies.

Can you take my dad to his x-ray appointment?

Yes, we accompany our clients to many appointments, take notes and provide support. We can also assist with arranging appropriate transportation.

Do your care givers drive to their clients or use the bus?

Our Health Care Assistants use both means of transportation.

Do you have Health Care Assistant’s that speak different languages?

Our Health Care Assistants speak a variety of languages and understand cultural difference.

What happens if we don’t need care anymore?

Should you need to cancel services we ask for a phone call with a minimum of 2 hours prior to the start of shift.

Is there a contract?

No, our services are on a as needed basis.

How do you track when the care givers arrive and depart from their client’s homes?

All of our Health Care Assistants must use their mobile devices, which is GPS tracked. They can only clock into or out of their scheduled shift when they are at their client’s doorstep.

Is there a minimum number of hours per shift?

We have a three-hour minimum per visit however we can provide cluster care when possible.

Do you provide your care givers with additional training?

Yes, continued education is important to Homecare West. We provide ongoing support and training on a regular basis.

How many staff do you have?

We maintain an abundant availability to meet the varying needs within our senior client community.

How quickly can your agency start services?

We work hard to fulfill your requests, in doing so we take careful consideration with scheduling on a consistent basis a primary thought.

Are your home care assistants certified?

Yes. They are required to have a minimum of a certified Nurses Aide training, although some may be RN’s from another country. All staff have a criminal record check and are fully referenced, in addition to be up to date with food safe, CPR and first Aide.

Are back up caregivers provided if the primary care-giver is unavailable?

Yes, replacements are provided due to illness or vacation.

How are care plans delivered for each client?

We provide a communication book upon coordination of services and all care plans are continually up-dated and available immediately on our care-giver’s app.

Does your company do criminal background checks?


How long have you been in business?

We have been caring for senior clients since 2004.

Can I interview multiple caregivers myself before they visit my mother?

We can arrange for a meet before scheduling visits.

Are there different pricing from companionship, personal care, or a higher skilled giver?

Our rate is the same for all services within the Health Care worker’s scope of practice which may include light housekeeping and meal preparation.

Can I talk with your current clients?

Absolutely, we can arrange a current client chat.

Is this a smoke-free home care agency?


Is there anything I have to do or buy before the first visit?

During the initial assessment with our Nursing Coordinator, you can discuss what may be needed or helpful in terms of equipment or supplies for the first visit.

How do you find and recruit quality caregivers? 

Our primary recruiting source is our present care-givers, they understand the quality of person we are looking for.

How often do you evaluate your caregivers?

There are many items in our evaluation process but the first point is to talk to the clients that have experienced first-hand the quality of care they are receiving.

Will my parents have the same caregiver each time?

Continuity of care is primary in the scheduling of our care-givers.

Do you accept payment from insurance companies?

Yes, we do.

What kind of services agreement is needed?

There is no contract, simply a terms and conditions agreement we go through at the initial visit with the Nursing Coordinator.

Can we do a trial of care for 2 week? Its mom’s first-time having help in her home.

Absolutely, we want to make sure that the client and care-giver are a good fit.

My brother and I want to split the payments for the visit. How and is this possible?

We can tailor you’re invoicing to what ever works for you.

Can you email me an invoice but mail a copy to my father?

How ever you wish to receive your invoice is up to you.

What procedures are in place for emergencies (power failure, natural disaster)?

We are a 24 hour, seven days per week service and always available for our clients and care-givers to reach out to should an emergency or concern come up.

What is your availability like?

We maintain a vast availability to meet potential and current client needs.

Will my mom have to feed the caregiver or do they bring their own food?

Our care-givers provide their own food.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, e-transfer/PayPal, or pre-authorized debit.

How often do you bill?

We bill monthly.

If I have insurance coverage for home support, can you bill my insurance company directly?

We can connect with your insurance company to discuss how we can arrange for direct payment.

How can I keep my senior mom living in her own home?

There are many ways to support your senior mom to stay in her own home. We would recommend to start with an in-home assessment from our Nursing Coordinator. Our Nursing Coordinator can help by understanding the needs and provide a quick safety assessment. From there, she can suggestion care goals and support programs within your community that may be right for you.

How can my senior mom live with my if she has dementia?

Our Nursing Coordinator’s assessment can help open the door for discussion and review and share options available for home care and other community support agencies available in your neighbor hood.

Is there government support to keep my senior dad at home?

Yes, there is government support through grant funding. The grant monies can be used to make adjustments in your home for safety and access. We can help you access this information necessary to apply for funding and help you to access other government home care and support services available.

Can you assess if my senior father is okay to live in his own home?

We provide a free safety and care assessment as part of our initial services; we can also suggest other disciplines such as Occupational Therapists to assist with equipment necessary to keep him safe and well at home.

Are there services available to keep my senior dad in his own home?

Yes, as an in-home care service, we can offer help with personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship and medication reminders. We can also provide you with our preferred senior’s service providers list.

Is live-in support available to help my senior mom stay home?

Yes, we can provide 24-hour, live-in support. After an initial visit and in-home assessment our Nursing Coordinator can help you to plan and decide what is right for you and your mom.

How do I know when my senior dad isn’t safe to live at home?

Our Nursing Coordinator can visit and provide a safety and care assessment and then help you to navigate your way to the best options for your dad’s wellbeing and safety.

Who can refer me to a good home care provider for my senior parents?

We believe the best referral source is our present and past clients. We would be delighted to have you contact people that have and are using our services so you can feel confident and comfortable about who we are and what we do.

What do I do with my senior dad when I go to work and he needs help?

We can offer short and long hours of service support and companionship to give you peace of mind when you need to go back to work.

How do I choose the right home care agency for my senior mom?

You need to feel confident and comfortable with your choice in a home care agency so we thought it might be helpful to have a few key questions to ask a potential home health care provider.

Is it possible for my senior dad to move in with me?

The answer is yours to decide but we can help you to assess if this is the right move for both of you. Our Nursing Coordinator’s free visit can help by sharing with you the home care and community options and resources available in your neighborhood.

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