Maintaining Independence - Seniors

Maintaining the ability to stand from a seated position for Seniors is important to daily function. Getting yourself up from bed, a chair or the toilet seat are all part of our daily lives that we take for granted, only when it becomes a challenge do we realize it’s importance.

The good news is there are activities we can do everyday that will keep us in good form and help us to maintain the ability to move from a seated position to a standing position as we age.  The sit to stand exercise or chair rise exercise strengthens your lower body and helps to maintain and improve your mobility.  This exercise strengthens leg, core and back muscles necessary for mobility as well as improves balance and lessens your risk of falling.

The goal is to do it without using your hands so working at it, on a regular basis you will be strengthen your core muscles, back, hips, thighs, calves and buttocks.

Sit to Stand – two hands


Sit on a tall chair that is not too low

Place your feet flat, shoulder width apart and knees bent

Shuffle forward to the front of the chair

Holding onto the chair, arm rests or thighs

Hinge from hips move torso forward over knees

Using equal weight through feet and legs, push off knees with both hands

Stand up, fulling extending your legs and hips


Hing at the hips

Reaching for the chair

Sitting down

Check the position of your knees and feet to ensure they are lined up.

Stander - EZ Stand-N-Go

This item fits under cushions or can adapt if cushions are not removable.  Great for those seniors that have the ability to get themselves up but need something to hold on to for the push/pull up, acts as strong-arm rests. 

- Under $200

- Weighs 8.5 lbs

- Holds up to 300 lbs

- Fits on most chairs, sofas & recliners

- Fully adjustable height, width & depth


Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

There are many styles, colours and sizes to choose from.  Not portable but, are a fantastic aid for independent sit to stand.

- Prices ranging from $700 - $4000 and up

- Remote controlled

- Electric powered

- Some have heat and massage options


Our Home Care Assistants appreciate the diversity of their work. Care-giver Emma says she finds music her client enjoys on an app and they listen and sing together while practicing range of motion, mobility and strengthening exercise.  Whether you are looking for short term recovery assistance or, hoping to begin a long-term relationship with a home care service you can trust, we are available to answer your questions any time.

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